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13/02/2017 16:04  V√Ķistlus l√§timaal
L√§tis Adazis toimub 18.02.2017 v√Ķistlus triodele. Algus kell 10.00 Osav√Ķtutasu 30 EUR v√Ķistkond. Registreerida saab aadressil

Hello i will send you a little information about tournament that we organise in ńÄdaŇĺi. You where there last time.So tournament starts at 10:00. Team fee for participating is 30 eiro. Meals and little money prizes included.Se we would like to see your teams in Latvia.Send this information further to your club teammates.Tournament system will be known a little bit later,because it depends on number of teams.But i think it will be swiss system with 7 rounds.So registration is till 17.02.2017. 12:00 Also need to mention,that when you registering player names,please write your team name too.
So you write me an email about your teams and stuff like that.
Best regards,Edgars Silovs.

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